Mistakes to Avoid with SEO

Many people think that if they are doing all the right things when it comes to their search engine optimization, that they are automatically avoiding all of the SEO mistakes. Which is not necessarily the case.

Neglecting Local Search Optimization

Businesses get so caught up in their SEO practices trying to please the search engines, that they forget about their local customers. They want to get on the first page og Google, but don’t realize that they need that first page to be one that their customers will see. This is where they have forgotten about a local search. In order to rectify this, it means using keywords that are region specific, and not just using global keywords.

Neglecting the Tags for Title and Meta Descriptions

Some companies are so focused on their branding that they tend to use it wherever possible including naming all the pages on their website with it. It is important that each and every page of the website has its own distinct title. This way it is not ignored by the major search engines as being duplicate content.

Not Using Anchor Text

Not only is using anchor text important, using the right type of anchor text is. Call to actions are important but “click here” often results in damaging the SEO.

Use the Analytics

One of the greatest resources you have to help you with your SEO is analytics. This can help you identify where your SEO is weak and where it is strong. The numbers provided give you a great insight, and an opportunity to focus on the weak areas.

It takes time to learn SEO and more time to implement it so that it works for you. Always keep in mind that the major search engines are constantly changing their SEO requirements, so you need to be aware of these changes.

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